Before I go further, let me interject this thought: Love is certainly in the "top 5" of perfect gifts from God. For "God is love" as He says in His Word. The more I search the internet for this & that, the more I realize that love is sorely lacking in our world today. There are those who have twisted the meaning of this and are saying that murder is love. Can you believe that? I guess I've been a sheltered person all my life and haven't been exposed (thankfully!) to many people like this. God, the embodiment of love itself, will put these people in their place. Someday. Hopefully soon! How beautiful is the pink rose of love! How intricate its petals, how delicate its color, how fragrant its perfume, how beautiful its form! Even in the darkness of this sinful world around us, it shines, giving its unique and breath-taking beauty. Only God can create beauty, only He can show us true love...so that we, in turn, can show it to others. And, I guarantee, that does NOT include murder.

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