Perfect Praise And A Pink Posy

Can I squeeze in one more tiny post this month? Yes, I can! It's just some beautiful words from God's Word to end or begin your month or day. Read it and be blessed.


Of Roses And Oregano

About four weeks ago I mosied over to the garden center with the intention of buying a new rose plant. You know, just a regular one, in some other color besides the light pink, medium pink, red and orange that I have. After several years of taking myriads of photos of these...well, I figured I was due for a new one. Now is that too much to ask? Besides, they only cost $2.45. Where in the world can you buy a rose plant for $2.45, I ask? I had to take advantage of this.

So I came home with a light pink (what...??) miniature rose and an, umm, oregano plant. No kidding. Besides being irrisistible, I liked the idea of getting two plants for less than what the one would cost. Can you believe it? I mean, I was thrilled at saving 57 cents! One just never knows what one will do when faced with difficult decisions.

Having explained all that, let me make an album of my two new plants for you.
                                                                     First day appearance...
                                     I think they like being together-the rose and the oregano.

 Look at this pink baby. Is it any wonder I couldn't resist?

                                               And she has a twin sister. Almost identical.
                         This Italian seasoning, oregano, is a very pretty green plant, in my opinion.

A few days later...I would never have imagined that there were so many petals inside these babies!
And look, there's baby sister!

     A few days ago I moved the oregano to my kitchen window and the mini's to the front yard.  I love how they look against the stone wall.

    As if this wasn't enough, their beauty was enhanced even more by the rain! Breath-taking.

Thank You, Lord, for the beauty of these plants and for the joy that they give me.
I am blessed by Your creation.
"...He has done all things well..." (Mark 7:37)


The Perfect Father

For me, my father was perfect. No other man could have been to me the father that he was. God knew exactly who I needed to be my father-to teach, discipline, love, guide, encourage and pray for me. And as I remember the man that he was, in this child's eyes, he really was perfect. So strong, so faithful to God and to my mother, so dedicated to serve the Lord yet also dedicated to spend time with his family.

I was with him at the moment of his passing away in 2007. It was so heart-rending to whisper in his ear, "It's ok, Dad, you can go...". But, oh, how I miss him!

I have another Father who is perfect. Perfectly perfect! He loves, teaches, guides and encourages me in an even much greater way than my earthly father. Who wouldn't want a Father like that?!

Several years ago, I accompanied a young lady named Katy as she sang a song in a school program. I loved the music and the words, I still do. I could not find the music anywhere online (perhaps you can) but here are the lyrics:

Always The Perfect Father

Always the perfect Father,
With always the perfect plan,
Always knowing what is best for me.
You are always the perfect Father
of a far from perfect child,
But You love me, perfect Father,
All the time.

Long ago You made me, Lord,
You made me just like You,
But somewhere in my life
I took a road You did not choose.
Because You loved me perfectly,
You let me try and fall,
Then You picked me up and
sent me on my way-Your way!

For You are always the perfect Father,
With always the perfect plan,
Always knowing what is best for me.
You are always the perfect Father
of a far from perfect child,
But You love me, perfect Father,
All the time.
                            -Dennis and Nan Allen

“I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters,
Says the Lord Almighty." (II Corinthians 6:18)


Search For Diamonds

Diamonds are beautiful, no doubt about it.

I love the diamonds that the rain makes! Drops of water, glistening in the light, tempting my imagination to think they are real jewels.



We don't usually think of "rain" as something that beautifies our lives, giving us sparkling, beautiful diamonds to look at and admire. At times they are difficult to see but if we search for them, we will find them. Diamonds of God's loving care and answered prayer are everywhere. Diamonds of blessings and joys and pleasures, diamonds of His protection, of lessons to learn, of people to help, of promises from His Word.

One would be a fool to think that in life's rains there are no sparkles, nothing good or beautiful, nothing gained or learned. These things are there, all it takes is an open eye, a listening ear and a receptive heart and mind to Him who sends them.

And ye shall seek Me and find Me when ye shall search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)


A Joy Dare (June)

1. Gifts Orange
    -Orange trees loaded with oranges
    -Orange sweater on a friend
    -Orange colors in a sunset
2. Gifts Funny
    -Birds in the yard
    -Video clip
3. Gifts from today's conversations
    -A friend asking if I'm doing ok
    -Emails with offers to pay for DH's trip
    -Learning of rose names from the plant lady
4. Gifts Found In Christ
5. Gifts Of Peace, Hope, Love
    -Knowing I'm cared for by Him
    -Knowing that He will do what He has promised
    -Knowing that He loves me even if I fail
6. Gifts "Ugly-Beautiful"
    -Our dog, Morgan (ha!)
    -My hair
    -Thorns on a rose bush
7. Gifts In What I Am Reading
    -Strength for the day from Scripture
    -Messages of love in emails
    -Learning information online
8.Gifts Empty
    -My hands open for Him to fill
    -My home when DH is traveling
    -Food containers
9-Gifts That Made Me Really Smile
    -Baby smiling in response to my talking to him
    -Reading that God thinks about me
    -Hearing my DH's voice on the phone
10-Gifts At 8, At 12, At 2
    -8: birds in the yard
    -12: hunger pains :)
    -2: naptime
11. Gifts Painted
    -Light green exterior walls on our house
    -painted pictures hanging on hall walls, reminders of a course I took
    -my DH's painted drawings, to teach Bible lessons
12. Gifts Full
    -My tummy, of food
    -My cup, of blessings
    -My eyes, of tears
13. Gifts Smelled
    -A rose
    -New laundry detergent
    -Bathroom after I've showered
14. Gifts Unexpected, Unwanted, Unlikely
    -Phone call
15. Gifts in His Word
16. Gifts Moving
    -Seeing my DH after 16 days
    -Christmas in June
    -Beauty of a rose
17. Gifts In My Dad
    -Strength-in every way
    -Dedication to Christ
    -Faithfulness to Mom
18. Gifts From My Heavenly Father
19. Gifts I Became In Serving
20. Gifts Bent, Beautiful, Loved
    -Quiet Time
21. Gifts Found In Light
    -Helps us see
    -Beautiful photos
22. Gifts That Are Difficult
    -Time (I have time but sometimes use it poorly)
    -Heart (it feels joy but also pain)
    -Energy (I can exercise but...)
23. Gifts Found Around A Table
    -Beloved people
    -Good food
    -Beautiful dishes
24. Gifts In Water, In Words, In White
    -Bible verse
25. Gifts In Someone Older Than You
26. Gifts In Fabric
    -Brocade design on my Bible cover
    -Pink rose quilt
    -New blue/purple material for skirt
27. Gifts Framed By A Frame
    -My 5 children
    -Lady w/ rose painting
    -Old poem
28. Gifts Eaten
    -Disappearing Cookies (really!)
    -Dark chocolate w/ orange (from a daughter)
29. Gifts Small, Big Just Right
    -Detail on flower
    -Warmth under the blankets
30. Gifts I Gave Today
    -A smile
    -An email
    -A prayer 


I Weep With You

In memory of a brother-in-law and in grief for my husband and his family, I wear these teardrops today...

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. (Romans 12:15)