Masculine Roses

The next logical pink roses on my list would be my sons-in-law...except I am going to choose another color that's a bit more masculine. For, after all, "pink" in this case can really be any color. We were so happy and relieved when the last perfect rose came along to capture the hearts of our daughters! They are Christians, they are perfect matches (ohhh yes!) for each of them, and are proving themselves to be wonderful husbands and fathers. Thank You, Lord, for these roses that are part of the beautiful bouquet of my life! (photo: C. Dennis)


My Children

My pride and joy are my children! Although they aren't perfect, since no one on earth is perfect, they are certainly God's perfect gifts to me! I already mentioned how each rose is different but each is beautiful in its own way. Each one is unique! It goes without saying, that each of our children are different, each one has their own beauty. Some are serious & determined, others are happy-go-lucky and go-with-the-flow. Some make you cry, others make you laugh. But they all make this mother's heart beat with profound love and joy. I love you, my 5 precious children! My heart will forever beat with intense love and joy for each of you!

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward." (Psalm 127:3)



Before I go further, let me interject this thought: Love is certainly in the "top 5" of perfect gifts from God. For "God is love" as He says in His Word. The more I search the internet for this & that, the more I realize that love is sorely lacking in our world today. There are those who have twisted the meaning of this and are saying that murder is love. Can you believe that? I guess I've been a sheltered person all my life and haven't been exposed (thankfully!) to many people like this. God, the embodiment of love itself, will put these people in their place. Someday. Hopefully soon! How beautiful is the pink rose of love! How intricate its petals, how delicate its color, how fragrant its perfume, how beautiful its form! Even in the darkness of this sinful world around us, it shines, giving its unique and breath-taking beauty. Only God can create beauty, only He can show us true love...so that we, in turn, can show it to others. And, I guarantee, that does NOT include murder.


An Outstanding Rose

That would be my hubby. He is a God-given gift to me whose color shines in the light-or in the dark. For 35 years I have had this rose by my side and we have experienced SO much together. As I told him the other day, "life with you has been fun"! I haven't always cultivated this rose as it deserves to be and I've often taken it for granted but it is certainly among my prized ones...of award-winning quality. Thank you, my dear husband, for all that you mean to me! I admire you immensely and love you so much.