A Flower Album

Please come with me to visit my "garden"! At first glance as you walk into my two small yards you might very well ask, Helloo? where are your flowers? But come closer and you will see that there are many different types!
We'll leave the roses and irises alone since I've showed them off in recent weeks. But not to worry, more photos of them are forthcoming in the next few weeks and months when they will be at the height of their beauty! There are five buds on one pink rose bush, one on the orange rose bush and...well, I'm just sayin'. Let's start in the front yard next to the house. Check out one of my two colors of miniature roses. This one is a deep red and is getting old but I think that just adds to its beauty-makes it look rather velvety, don't you think?
Over in the corner is a purple-leafed decorative plant which produces this tiny half-inch flower. Its name is Purple Heart.
Here's an interesting bunch of flowers! They belong to the aloe
plant. That's right, I have my own supply of this good stuff.
The late afternoon sunshine was the perfect setting for this
Now on we go to the back yard...
I have several plants of this cute little flower called a
kalanchoe. It's the easiest thing to care for, does well in
total sun or total shade, survives with almost no water
or drowned in water...I mean, how easy can it get for
those of us who do not have a very green thumb?!
Here you see this flower in red, yellow and fushcia.
Some have single petals and some have multiple ones.
Here's another little flower whose name is not known by me
but she is one perfect little beauty. Her leaves are groups of
three heart-shaped leaves. Oh, the exquisite detail God puts
into His creation!
You'd love this one! It's a type of orchid with cascading strands
of miniature orchids. I bought it on a trip three years ago and
this is the best it has ever produced!
The fragrance of these little beauties was enough to almost knock
out my dear husband who had to transfer them to a more distant
location so that they wouldn't distract them while he studied
(that's his study window behind the plant). Can you imagine?
Oh, this is flower power at its best!
I'm all about close-ups, so lets get a closer look at these...
Last, but not least, I would like to show, in memorium, our poinsettia tree which was removed from the backyard a
couple weeks ago because it was getting too big, not for its
own good, but for ours! My husband was afraid that the root system might damage our nearby water pipes. But Miss
Poinsettia put out a spectacular final display which I leave
here for you to see. A good reminder that Christmas is just
around the corner!

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created." (Revelation 4:11)


  1. Wow, Mom, what a collection of flowers. SO beautiful! Loved looking at this!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Mom! And a nice virtual walk through your garden.

  3. These are Ahhhmazing! Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear that the poinsettia tree had to go, though. But everything is just beautiful and lovely in each detail!