The Perfect Pair

The gift I mentioned in the previous post has to do with the most important Person in my life but there are several others that God, in His love, has enriched my life with. The first ones to come along (of course!) were my parents. I could write a huge book just about them and the blessing that they were to me. I say "were" because they aren't with me anymore. Mom & Dad passed away 4 and 2 years ago, respectively. Their example, dedication, love and constancy are all reasons for holding them in a special corner of my heart and I am SO thankful for them. I think of them so often, there are just so many things that remind me of them. It's so wonderful to know that one day I will be reunited with them in heaven. Perhaps there I'll be able to give them adequate thanks, something which never seems possible here on earth, don't you think so? Mom and Dad, I love you!


The Perfect Gift For Everyone

Pink roses are equal to perfect gifts and I would like to let you in on what mine are. You may have some of the same ones or yours may be totally different. God blesses each of us in different ways but at least one of these perfect gifts is the same for everyone who receives it: SALVATION through Jesus Christ. This gift became personally mine on August 19 many years ago when I was 13. I placed my faith in Christ to save me and I became His child. Peace, joy, forgiveness of sins, the certainty of a home in heaven, the companionship, help, friendship of my Lord...all of these things and more combine to make this the most perfect of all gifts!
"I know in Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day..." (IITimothy 1:12)
                                                                                    (cross photo: fotosearch.com)


Every Rose is Different

Although pink is obviously my favorite color of rose, I do, of course, love any color! Every color and every kind of every color has their own personality. To casual observers they may all seem the same. I mean, "a rose is a rose...", right? Umm, yes and no. They're the same in the sense that all the children in one family are the same. They look alike, they act alike, sometimes they even smell alike! But the parents, i.e., the ones that know them from birth and care for them, know that each one is different in his own way, each one has a distinct personality. What a blessing and gift this is, that our God, Who created us, knows us as no one else could possibly know. Not only does He know our personalities, He MADE our personalities. No one knows the creature like the creator does. I could go further into this...but I'll save that for a later "pink rose".


A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose...

There's nothing like a rose! No other flower is equal to it. Some have similar shapes but don't have the fragrance. Some have lovely fragrances but don't have the unique form and design. They all have their own unique beauty and "something different" but still...a rose is a rose is a rose. Everyone of our gifts from God is unique, there's just nothing like them. Only He can custom-make them to our own needs and tastes and desires. And He does this for EACH of His children. How wonderful is that? May we all join in singing "Praise God from whom all blessings flow"!

How My Pink Rose Was Born

Several years ago I began to notice, in a specific way, the details of pink roses...their delicate color, their fragrance and softness, their exquisite beauty. I just think it is the most perfect and beautiful of all of God's creation! Then it reminded me of the verse in James 1:17 that says that "every good and perfect gift" is from God and I decided that the pink rose would be my own symbol of all the good and perfect gifts God gives to me.