A Joy Dare (May)

I have decided to take the "joy dare" as described here by Ann Voskamp. I fear that I will forget on some days to write them down or won't have time. But I am going to try.
So each night or the next morning I plan to write down my "3 joys" for that day. I will be adding them to this post so one has to scroll down to see the most recent ones:

1. Gifts Tasted
   -A juicy, just-right-amount-of-sweetness-and-
    tartness apple.
   -Cafe com leite at a lady's house
   -God's goodness ("oh taste and see...")
2. Gifts Flat
   -Smooth, thin pages of my Bible
   -Windowpane glass that I wipe clean so I can take a picture through it.
   -Blue glass plate from which I eat my lunch of baked potato
3. Gifts Found in Difficult People
   -Beautiful smile
   -Faithfulness to attend church
4. Gifts Before 9 A.M.
   -Birds fluttering around in my yard
   -Coffee to wake me up
   -My corner to sit and read and think and pray
5. A Gift in a Sign/Smile/Snack
   -Sign: a child with a white horse (on our way to church)
   -Smile: Straight, perfect teeth in most people!
   -Snack: peanuts
6. Gifts Found In Christ
7. Gifts About Your Home
   -Homemade bread
   -Pink rose blanket
8. Gifts Inside A Closet
   -Necklace with a harp pendant
   -Alabaster box
   -New thingies to wear
9. Gifts Found In The Dark
   -Birds singing before sunrise
   -Moon partially behind the clouds
   -Sleeping husband beside me
10. A Gift Outside, Inside, Upside Down
   -A loveseat for the yard my hubby
    bought for Valentine's Day
   -A new electric beater (M's Day gift)
   -China cups sitting on a wall shelf
11. Gifts About Your Parents
   -Six books written by them, some of which 
    has some family history.
   -Exemplary, dedicated Christian lives
   -Their prayers for us (I miss that!)
12. Gifts Held In Hand Today
   -My camera
   -My Bible
   -Gift (for mothers) from church
13. Gifts Found In Your Mother
   -Inner strength
14. A Gift Picked Up, Put Away, Put Back
   -Clean dishes
   -Portion of food (that I wanted but resisted)
15. Gifts About You
   -Calmness (so I'm told)
   -Content to follow
   -More like Mary than Martha
16. Gifts Found In His Word
   -Comfort (Is.41:10)
   -Eternal security (Acts 16:31)
   -Instruction (I Sam.12:24)
17. A Gift In A Box, A Bag, A Book
   -Christmas glassware
   -Sentimental bookmarks
18. Gifts Unexpected
   -A colorful bird in a tree
   -Good attendance at church
   -One pound weight loss
19. Gifts From My Childhood
   -Good memories
   -Loving parents
   -Scripture memorization
20. Gifts Sweet, Sour, Salty
   -Homemade grape jelly
   -Swiss lemon-aid
21. Gifts Found In Little People
   -Looking up to me
   -Cute photos
22. Gifts That Made Me Laugh
   -Conversation with friends
   -Animal antics
   -Husband's pun
23. Gifts Found In Community
   -Paved streets
   -Flowers in front of houses
24. Gift In A Plate, Pot, Package
   -2 slices of pizza
   -Hot soup
   -Goodies from the USA
25. Gifts Hard Giving Thanks For
   -Physical pain
   -Emotional pain
   -Mental pain
26. Gifts Worn, White, Whispered
   -Warm wool socks
   -Washed sweater
   -I love you
27. Gifts Found In Church
   -Blue glass in windows
   -Verse projected on screen
   -Smile with handshake & hug
28. Gifts In Today's Work
   -Promises of prayers
29. Gifts At 8AM, 12PM, 8PM
   -My corner
   -Relaxing moments
30. Gifts Blue
   -Husband's shirt
31. Gifts I Gave Today
   -Thank you's


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