A White Basket Of Flowers

Today we were about to throw out an old basket. I didn't have any specific use for it and it was dirty (no, I didn't want to spend time cleaning it). But then I thought "Oooh...this would make a lovely planter!"

And by late afternoon it was all done. 

Here's the basket, waiting to be worked on.
 I lined it at the bottom with plastic and punched holes in it for drainage
so it won't rot quite as quickly. Then I added a shallow layer of dirt.
On this same afternoon I bought some torenias, 2 each of 3 colors.
I placed them in the basket...

 ...then put in more dirt...

 ...spreading it evenly around them.

 Voila! Project done.
 Now for a formal photo session of my new babies...
 Dark purple/blue (is it indigo?)



 Bird's eye view.

Now where should I put it? For now, it will sit beside our
new loveseat which my DH bought for me today, an early
Valentine's Day gift. Perfect!

                            "He hath made everything beautiful in His time..." (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


  1. Lovely basket--it will just get prettier as the flowers grow and spread. Mickie :)

  2. You dark purple flowers is looking so beautiful. I love it..