Dashed Hopes Rise Again

All that hooplah, excitement and happy hopes about the expectant bird...fell to the ground, literally, a few days after I wrote about it. 

On the 12th day (Sunday) I checked the nest. This is what I saw...
Only one egg! What happened??

  I looked around on the ground and finally saw this...

which really made me sad.
The next day I checked the nest...

Where did the other egg go?? I have no idea. Someone suggested that sparrows may have done some of this but I think it was something a little bit bigger to be able to haul it out of the nest, don't you?
And then...
...a few days later I noticed that a sabiá was flying in and out of a tree just outside my bedroom window. I checked and, sure enough, she had made a nest. This might in fact be the same one that made the first nest. One reason I think so is that this one also lets me get pretty near the nest, like she's used to "the lady with the camera". 
She makes a hiding "wall" with her tail. Beautiful detail (no pun intended)!

Ever the watchful eye.

As soon as she gave me a chance, I took a picture to see how many eggs there were.
Once again, there were two. So beautiful. So perfect.

 About 3 days later I checked again and....
...there were three eggs! Hey, that momma means business.

And so do does this one. I plan to do all I can to help protect these beautiful creations of His.
That includes shooing away the sparrows...hawks...whatever and whoever is her enemy.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.
(Proverbs 13:12)


  1. Those blue eggs are just so lovely. Hope they stay intact and you can see the little ones pop out.

  2. I hope this tale ends well. Those eggs are so beautiful. Isn't God amazing, He didn't need to make egg shells pretty but He did.