A Joy Dare (July)

1. Gifts Loved
    -New veggie plants
    -Beautiful music
2. Gifts Read
    -Fear thou not for I am with thee...
    -Words of hymn
    -email from son
3. Gifts in Faith, Family, Freedom
    -answered prayer
    -strong Christian heritage
    -living in a free country
4. Gifts In Red, White and Blue
    -Blooming Red Rose
    -Clean white sweater
    -Blue sky (finally!)
5. Gifts Of Persistance
    -Our dog wanting affection *smile*
    -Going after a dream...another *smile*
6. Gifts Of Enthusiasm
    -Bird singing (!)
    -New daddy
7. Gifts of Challenge, Conflict, Change
    -Helping a wounded church
    -Scheduling with one car
    -Growing older
8. Gifts Water
    -No lack
    -Hot showers
9. Gifts Of Rhythm, Rhyme, Reason
    -A beautiful song
    -The lyrics of that song...
    -The fact that I don't have to know the reason that God does things
10. Gifts In Weakness
    -More trust in Him
    -Having to rely on those I love
    -Being cared for by those who love me
11. Gifts in Jars
    -Purple cabbage slaw
    -Pineapple-lemon jam
    -Grated cheese
12. Gifts of Life, Growth, Decline

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