Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time in the corner of a little yard there lived a little patch of clovers, a very special little patch of clovers. It was special because it was different. Most patches of clovers come with 3-leaf plants and once in awhile you may be "lucky" enough to find a 4-leaf one in the middle of the patch. If you're lucky. And, oh! you might even find a 5-leaf one! 
Well, this patch was indeed lucky. Look! Can you count how many leaves are on each plant? Of course not, how silly I am, we need to take a closer look. So come with me...
Oh! There's one! In fact, I see at least three! Could there be more than that? Can it be that this patch of clover has several 4-leaf plants? Oh, it cannot be true, it just cannot be true! They say that you have only one chance in thousands to find one!

Now the owner of this patch of clover was a man named Johnny. He was quite proud of it and let it grow for several months, never cutting it when he would cut the grass in the rest of the yard. He tended them with tender, loving care, he did.
Every once in awhile he would say "Have you noticed my patch of clover? Come and let me show you!" And so with joy he would point out how many 4-leaf clover plants there were in the patch. Indeed, there were many, it was quite amazing!
But one day he decided that he should cut the little patch of clover. He would be moving away and knew that the new people would want to cut it down-and so he did it himself. But before he did that, he picked out all of the 4-leaf ones and his wife put them in a little vase to keep them as long as possible. And there they lived happily for many days, turning yellow and dying one by one until there was only one left of the 58 that came from the little patch of clover which had brought much joy to the man named Johnny.

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." (Ecclesiastes 3:)


  1. Beautiful!!! You and your man named Johnny are soooo blessed!!! Luved your story!!! Abracos!

  2. That is a cute little story. Would make a fun little children's book. Just saying. ;)

  3. Beautiful story Rena. I love the photos of Johnny, showing his care of the little things, his devotion. Our frangipani produced two 6 petalled flowers last week where most have only 5. Love finding something extra special amongst the "ordinary" things of life.

  4. Loved your blog! Walciclea Rathbun.