(photo: J. Reiner)
I've been pondering forgiveness more these days. What a beautiful word! Whether it's from God or from humans, it is something that relieves our minds, hearts and souls. It's a "cancellation of debt", as someone recently described to me. I started to write here in more detail about that but then deleted it. I don't think I could ever adequately describe such a deep thing. If you have ever been on the receiving or giving end of forgiveness, then you know what I am talking about anyway.
To truly forgive means to, afterwards, act as though nothing ever happened to even need forgiveness in the first place! OK, so I'm still trying to express the wonderful beauty of this word. Forgive me.
"But there is forgiveness with Thee that Thou mayest be feared." -Ps. 103:4  


  1. Thanks for the reminder of such an incredible gift. It is amazing how quickly we forget the forgiveness we have received from God and how hesitant we are to give forgiveness to others.

  2. I feel quite honored to have this picture in here. The red roses eventually took over almost the whole bush. Good thoughts on forgiveness...