Love Measures Grief

This title and photo really need no explanation. Someone else has aptly described it as "Love much, grieve much. Love little, grieve little." One's amount and intensity of grief is measured by one's amount and intensity of love. And vice versa. Those who have experienced this know what I am talking about. As the perfect rose with raindrops, love with grief and tears is also beautiful. Love and pain, sunshine and rain, loss and gain...they are all inseparable twins of life. Each one is measured by the other, each one is nourished by the other, each one is necessary in our human lives. Without them we would not grow, without them we would not know...the pure joys of life that God, in His perfect plan for us, gives on a daily basis. Thank the Lord, there is life after grief, no matter the amount or intensity. There is love after grief for true love never leaves us. Love can be resurrected for love has life. Love IS life! God is love and God is life. God, life, love...they all go hand in hand. For this I am very grateful.

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