My Sunshine Roses!

In 2002 we were blessed with the arrival of our first grandchild-a boy! Thus began a most interesting and enjoyable phase of life. Currently-as in, as I write this :)-we have 6 (oops, now it's 7...AND now it's 8!) of these precious perfect gifts...and 1 more on the way, to boot! Oh, my heart will burst with all this joy someday!
When I was going through chemo a couple years ago, some of our grandkids would stop by with their moms (our daughters) to visit for a few minutes. Even though I was feeling rather raunchy on many of those occasions, to me it was like a lovely, comforting ray of sunshine to see their smiling faces-maybe because I knew they were pretty much oblivious to what was really going on. Their innocence of my situation just made them seem more precious. Oh, how I love each one of them. They are perfect gifts...to us as well as to their parents. May the Lord protect each one of them from the evil influences of the world around them, maintaining their innocence,beauty and purity as the roses that they represent!

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