Simple Beauty

Please permit me to indulge in more beauty. There's too much of it around me to limit it to just one post (Feb)! Today, when we went to the house of a church member to hold a children's meeting, I walked around taking snapshots of things that struck me as having a "simple beauty". Is that the right way to describe it? I'm not sure because, to me, if something is beautiful, it is amazingly and strikingly so, not just "simple"! However you want to think of it, let me share with you three pictures that I took there and let you make your own comments since not everyone sees things with the same eyes. But, please, do take time to notice the beauties around you today. And tomorrow. And every day. "Whatsoever things are lovely..."


  1. Weren't you recently talking about peace? These new 3 photos strike me of peaceful along with simple beauty.

    Thanks for sharing them.


  2. I LOVE these pictures. Thank you! In Tozer's book "Man's Pursuit of God," he challenges the reader to always notice God in even the simplest of things, and these pictures are a great example of that. Just lovely pics!