Most of us have heard or seen the formula for having true joy:
Is this true? Yes.
When we put Jesus Christ in first place, others before ourselves and ourselves last, we will experience a joy that we can't get any other way.
This month has been full of "others" for us! We made 3 trips which totalled at least 3700 km (Thank You, Lord, for safety!). We were privileged to get to know other people, cities, churches-even another state. And being able to help and minister to others in each of these places was a very special blessing.
"It's all about me." NOT! It's about Jesus Christ and others. They make life worth living. And if He chooses to include me in that picture...then my joy is complete.
May your life be full of joy today as you minister to others for His sake.
"For you are our glory and joy."-I Thessalonians 2:20

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  1. When I was a little girl we use to sing the "JOY" song in Sunday School. Thanks for the sweet reminder that the things my parents worked to instill within my heart as a young girl continue to live on.

    This blessed me.