Pink Rose Collection #1

It has been one year since I began this blog, a year of many enjoyable (and a few frustrating) moments as I have written and posted about God's many gifts and blessings to me. If you, my readers, are being blessed even just half as much as I am through these, then I consider it well-worth my time. Honest! You currently come from 74 cities in 25 countries. I am amazed, overwhelmed and humbled and do not take that lightly for it places a huge responsibility on me as I think of the possibilities. Interestingly, I have never mentioned my collection of pink rose items, something which began shortly after my increased attraction to pink roses. So today I am beginning some posts which show some of those items that are located in various corners of our house. This one is on a small shelf in the kitchen. The mug was a gift from one of our daughters and the gravy holder was one of my mom's. The green goblets? One of the few of our wedding gifts that remain!

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