Favorite Flower Foto Friday #1

I know. It's Saturday, not Friday. But I was going to do this yesterday and it didn't happen so I'm posting it today. It might be any day of the week when you see this anyway so it doesn't matter, does it?! This is something I want to do every week, if possible, but I promise it won't always be about flowers. Seeing as how I've only taken about 300 pictures during the past couple of weeks (not counting the many that were deleted) it's pretty difficult to choose just one. But here we go...
And aren't you glad it isn't another pink rose? ! These callalilies, or "cup of milk" as it's translated from Portuguese, were part of the arrangement I made for the reception table at a recent musical recital. My first flower arrangement! I quite enjoyed it so don't be surprised if a new "passion" has begun!
Please note the interesting detail of the little "tail" on the one callalily! Precious.
One other interesting detail is that I now have a callalily plant and it is blooming. You might see more fotos similar to this one in the near future. Aren't you happy about that?!
Thank you, my patient readers, for "bearing with me in my folly".

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