Brazil's National Flower

At this beautiful Spring time of the year, Brazil's national flower, the ipê (of the tabebuia family), is in full bloom, gracing the land with its exquisite blooms. There are different colors, mainly yellow, white, pink and purple. This young yellow one is on our Bible college campus and I couldn't resist giving it a photo session as I saw it brightly shining in the sunlight!
A closer look at the flowers... A couple years ago I planted some seeds from a purple ipê. Three or four sprouted but only one survived. Last month I donated the almost 20-inches tall plant to the college to join her cousins as they beautify the campus. This photo is not one that I took, but is of one like it's "mother", just a block or two from our house. Hopefully it will one day look like this!
"And the earth brought forth grass...and herb...and the tree...and God saw that it was good." (Genesis 1: 12)
(purple ipê photo: inuticultura.wordpress.com)

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