Favorite Foto Friday #4: Double Exposure

Since I missed doing this last week I think it gives me the right to post two pictures today! Yes, that's right, whether you agree or not.

I've had fun using a colleague's fancy (in comparison to mine) camera the past several days. Here's one of my favorites from the many "test" photos I took, a little saffron finch (Sicalis flaveola) that comes to sit on the fence every morning, only a few meters outside the window. It was a wish come true to be able to get such a clear close-up picture of one of my feathered friends. Such a pink blessing!
And here's one from today, fresh off the press so to speak. This lovely lavendar rose is part of an arrangement of flowers I made for a graduation service tonight. My second arrangement ever! I could tell more blessings around this whole story but...this is just about favorite photos, right? I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do. It is a feast for the eyes!

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