Pass The Bread, Please

Saturday. This is my day to make bread.            The most-eaten food in all the world is bread. Statistics show that rice, wheat and corn are the three grains most eaten by humans. Bread is made from those grains...which proves my first statement, don't you think?Wheat has the highest amount of vegetable protein of any grain-except for amaranth, which I'd never heard of. You find out interesting facts when you research!

Bread is my favorite food. That does not come as a surprise to those who know me. But, sadly, I have to limit my consumption of bread for it is also, um, well you know what bread does. It makes one gain weight pretty quickly and easily! When I was 13 I helped in the school cafeteria that year we lived in Tennessee. They let the workers eat the leftover, huge, yummy, southern biscuits. Ohhhh...! I grew to weigh...well, let's just say, more than I should have for a young teen girl. In fact, I didn't weigh that much again until my first pregnancy!
I can't have all this talk about bread without showing a couple pictures of Brazilian breads. The one on the left is pão francês (french bread) and the other is pão de queijo (cheese bread). The hot, fresh version of these just can't be beat and are the ultimate in bread temptations!
I make homemade bread at least once a week because it's cheaper, because it tastes better and because it has healthier ingredients than what I would buy in the grocery stores. You'd think I would own a bread machine but I've never really wanted one for the simple fact that I know I would eat too much bread. If I ever get arthritis in my hands...well, I would then consent to having one given to me for Mother's Day. *smile*

     Let's get a closer look at those rolls...I mean, just look at those pieces of goodness coming through! 

Knowing how basic and important bread is to people around the world, it's no wonder that Jesus referred to Himself as the Bread of Life!

"And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life:
he that comes to Me shall never hunger;
and he that believes on Me shall never thirst."
(John 6:35)


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  1. The story about you working in the cafeteria always makes me laugh. Love the bread photos. Whoever invented diets which eliminates bread altogether should be...ashamed. =) Moderation, right? =)