Lovely Lines In Pleasant Places

I love the shapes and lines of every flower but recently I have been duly impressed with the lovely, graceful lines of the calla lily. In Portuguese these are called copo de leite or "cup of milk". Very appropriate, yes?Without further ado, I would just like to post several of my favorites photos of these beauties, at different phases and from different angles.

       I adore those daring drops of water on the tip of the little squirrely-gig thingie. Fascinating!

To those of you really interested in these beauties, here's an interesting and helpful site that I found:
http://www.callalilyguide.com/ I learned that a calla lily is neither a calla nor a lily. Go figure.

I've chosen this next one as my favorite. I asked my husband if this didn't look just like milk being poured out but he seemed to think it looked like milk going down a drain! Honestly.

                              These lovely lines of the calla lily remind me of a verse in the Psalms
                                             which speak of our "goodly" (beautiful) heritage.

"The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
yea, I have a goodly heritage."
(Psalm 16:6)

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