Fresh Home-Made Ricotta

I have never posted a recipe here on my blog but I think I need to start. That's what blogs like mine are supposed to do...post recipes. Well, once in awhile. Maybe just once?

ANYway, I was sorting through some papers (oh, those mountains of papers!), getting ready for furlough, and found a couple pages of recipes that I'd torn out of a magazine in some distant, foggy past and this one caught my eye: Fresh Ricotta. Only 3 ingredients and 30 minutes, that's all I needed. Well, it took about 15 minutes more than that but, considering everything, I think this is a very good recipe. If you like ricotta, that is. And I do. And fresh, home-made ricotta is SO good and yummy!

I think that I will be making more of this. It only cost around $2 p/lb. That's a very rough calculation, using our ever-changing dollar exchange and my not-totally-dependable food scale.

So click on the pic, notice the creaminess, read the recipe and, if you like all of that, then make it and let me know what you think!
(After posting this, I noticed that the recipe isn't easy to read ("new & improved" Blogger stuff, I guess). Anyway, here's a link to a site that has a similar recipe with only slight differences in the number of minutes. And I made mine using low-fat milk for part of it. Neither did I use cheesecloth. I've never used cheesecloth. I don't know the reason for using cheesecloth. Any clean cloth will do!)

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  1. Sounds like a plan for me to check out! Been making my own yogurt on a regular basis these days. Do it in my oldest crock pot!