Creatures In The Snow

Here's another post about the snow we had several days ago, this time of the various "creatures" and other things that I saw there.

I'll start off with the birds. They began flocking around pretty early, obviously looking for food. Poor babies, couldn't find much of it elsewhere, I guess, so I welcomed them with open arms...or maybe I should say open lens, heh.

I saw a flash of red in the trees, starkly contrasted against the white snow. The cardinal decorated the winter scenery so beautifully.

He flew to a tree that was a bit closer to me...
...and finally only a couple meters away. I guess he was hungry enough! Yes, that's birdseed that I scattered on top of the snow. 

Then there was the lovely robin, a bit more shy than her cardinal cousin. There's something about birds in the snow that looks picture-perfect, don't you think?
Well! It's obvious there's some sort of creature prowling around! Let's see if we can find it...

Aha, there he is. He looks a bit bewildered with the white stuff all around him, don't you think?

Here's Kitty, my daughter's cat next door. It took her several minutes to get adjusted to accepting her first snow. But she obviously liked it because she stayed out all day.

This little junco is all balled up, trying to keep warm while sitting in 2 inches of the cold, soft stuff. Or is she sitting ON it? I'm not sure!
What about this creature?! Looks like a rose but it's a camillia. She certainly contributed a lovely decoration to the scenery. I felt sorry for this beauty but she seemed to survive just fine.
Speaking of surviving, I've been amazed at my little pansy that I bought a month ago. It has survived at least 2 strong winds, 5 or 6 frosts and now this 2-inch snow. Look at the next photo to see how she's still as perky as ever...
I think its theme is: "Just keep on keepin' on"! A fantastic winter flower.
I shall end with this photo which might just be my favorite of all the ones I took of the snow. I've been calling it my little snow family. Aren't they the cutest?!
"Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow...?" (Job 38:22)

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  1. I'm amazed at the pansy's survival. Wow. The camellia is lovely too. Wonderful to see colour continuing through the snow. Camellias flower here is winter but we don't have any snow.

    Love to see the birds too.