Snow Like Wool

On Sunday my husband and I saw our first snow in 5 years. To those of you who are used to seeing it every year and even measure it in feet instead of inches, you will wonder why this is such a big thing to us or why it is considered such a blessing. But the rest of you will probably understand.
Without many more words, I now offer to you some of the 200+ photos that I took, mostly within one hour. Had to do it quickly because the sun was threatening to melt away my photographer's paradise! I will make about 3 posts with these snow pics since I have so many. Wouldn't want them to go to waste, now would I?! The ones I'm posting today remind me of the verse in Psalm 147:16:

"He giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes."
Now, deciding which ones to post!
The sight that greeted us on Monday morning. Words can't describe our admiration!

Here comes the sun! I had to work fast...

This branch loaded with snow was extra lovely. Thank you to our next-door neighbor!

I mean, have you EVER seen snow that looks as much like cottonballs as this?!


  1. My children would be absolutely thrilled to wake to a scene like this. I would love the visual but be concerned about the effect on our garden and solar hot water system.....
    I can understand your excitement.

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful!! I'm glad you got to see it...even though it didn't last long.