Field of Flowers

Iris flowers, that is. Down the road a few miles from us is a field of irises. I'd seen it on previous furloughs but had never stopped to visit it in the Spring when it is in full bloom. This year I made it a point to do that and, of course, took several photos. I tried to take some of each color that they had but probably missed a few. It was all so lovely-the kind of scene that would inspire poets, artists and lovers.
I do think my favorite is the frilly pink one! What about you? And I added in the light purple one at the middle bottom of the photo. This is in the yard of a daughter who lives next door.

        I will praise Thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all Thy marvellous works.
                                                                            (Psalm 9:1)


  1. Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
    Gode billeder af de mange smukke iris blomster.
    En fryd for øjet.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en god Pinsedags aften.

  2. A very beautiful sight Rena. I especially like your last photo. Must have been wonderful to take time to enjoy the irises.

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