The Magic Of A Sunny Frosty Morning

Yesterday we had our first frost of the season, at least here at our house. Other areas not too far away had their first one several weeks ago already. Interestingly, today was colder than yesterday but there wasn't one ice crystal to be seen! Go figure.

So. You know how I like to share a few pictures of the beauties around me that bring me joy. No sense in keeping them all to myself, now is there?

The sun, enhancing light and shadow, always adds magic to a frosty morning.
Sunrays, sunspots, a bit of low-lying fog...some of those magical details.
A sunlit corner on the front steps.
Shelly, a neighbor cat, is a normal morning visitor.
A dead leaf alive with beauty.
 Sparkling ice crystals on the porch railing.
It appears that my one budding rose will survive this first mild frost.
There's a certain beauty on ground level...fallen leaves on brown and green grass with the sun creeping up behind.
A leaf beautifully outlined by the frost.
For some magical reason...my favorite photo from that morning.
Have you ever seen little frozen balls of dew on the tips of grassblades? Magical!
"By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened."
(Job 37:10)

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