"Though He Fall"

At various and sundry times in my life I have had falls. I remember as a child of seven running on a gravel country road in my native island of St Lucia. I fell and I can still almost feel the horrible pain of my skinned up knee which still bares the scar of that. In the intervening years I have had other similar falls...even as an adult.

Two days ago was yet another one.

I was walking home from the Bible college, a chance to get a leisurely 25 minutes of exercise. About half-way home I tripped on a lombada (speed bump). I suppose I was looking off to the side at some flower (my normal thing to do), did not notice the rise in the pavement...and down I fell. For two or three seconds I fought to keep my balance and thought I was going to manage to keep from going all the way down but, no, I hit the ground, catching the brunt of my weight on my left hand, giving myself a royal abrasion only a half-inch away from my hand surgery of almost four months ago.

I managed to gingerly get up, not bothering to look around me to see if anyone witnessed it (how humiliating!) but continued walking home. Once there, I gave my hand a simple washing, smeared it with honey (where is my aloe plant when I need it?) and now I wait for complete healing. Depending on the care I give it and what little piece of dirt might still be embedded inside, healing might be slow or fast.

Falls are part of life. Once in awhile we are a bit careless, not paying close attention to what we're doing or where we're going (hello me!). But, unless we pass out or break a leg, we don't stay down for very long. We get up, brush ourselves off and keep going...perhaps with a grimace on our face and a limp in our step for awhile.

Some falls require more healing and recovery time than others, some are more painful and humiliating and some leave more scars. But healing always comes. Give it time, tears and God's power, it always comes.

The comparisons to non-physical falls are obvious. I am so thankful that we have many promises from the Lord for help, strength and healing power in those falls as well.

I love these two verses and have claimed them many times:

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delights in his way. 
Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholds him with His hand. 
(Psalm 37: 23,24)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your fall and hope all is well. Thinking of you!