A Joy Dare (June)

1. Gifts Orange
    -Orange trees loaded with oranges
    -Orange sweater on a friend
    -Orange colors in a sunset
2. Gifts Funny
    -Birds in the yard
    -Video clip
3. Gifts from today's conversations
    -A friend asking if I'm doing ok
    -Emails with offers to pay for DH's trip
    -Learning of rose names from the plant lady
4. Gifts Found In Christ
5. Gifts Of Peace, Hope, Love
    -Knowing I'm cared for by Him
    -Knowing that He will do what He has promised
    -Knowing that He loves me even if I fail
6. Gifts "Ugly-Beautiful"
    -Our dog, Morgan (ha!)
    -My hair
    -Thorns on a rose bush
7. Gifts In What I Am Reading
    -Strength for the day from Scripture
    -Messages of love in emails
    -Learning information online
8.Gifts Empty
    -My hands open for Him to fill
    -My home when DH is traveling
    -Food containers
9-Gifts That Made Me Really Smile
    -Baby smiling in response to my talking to him
    -Reading that God thinks about me
    -Hearing my DH's voice on the phone
10-Gifts At 8, At 12, At 2
    -8: birds in the yard
    -12: hunger pains :)
    -2: naptime
11. Gifts Painted
    -Light green exterior walls on our house
    -painted pictures hanging on hall walls, reminders of a course I took
    -my DH's painted drawings, to teach Bible lessons
12. Gifts Full
    -My tummy, of food
    -My cup, of blessings
    -My eyes, of tears
13. Gifts Smelled
    -A rose
    -New laundry detergent
    -Bathroom after I've showered
14. Gifts Unexpected, Unwanted, Unlikely
    -Phone call
15. Gifts in His Word
16. Gifts Moving
    -Seeing my DH after 16 days
    -Christmas in June
    -Beauty of a rose
17. Gifts In My Dad
    -Strength-in every way
    -Dedication to Christ
    -Faithfulness to Mom
18. Gifts From My Heavenly Father
19. Gifts I Became In Serving
20. Gifts Bent, Beautiful, Loved
    -Quiet Time
21. Gifts Found In Light
    -Helps us see
    -Beautiful photos
22. Gifts That Are Difficult
    -Time (I have time but sometimes use it poorly)
    -Heart (it feels joy but also pain)
    -Energy (I can exercise but...)
23. Gifts Found Around A Table
    -Beloved people
    -Good food
    -Beautiful dishes
24. Gifts In Water, In Words, In White
    -Bible verse
25. Gifts In Someone Older Than You
26. Gifts In Fabric
    -Brocade design on my Bible cover
    -Pink rose quilt
    -New blue/purple material for skirt
27. Gifts Framed By A Frame
    -My 5 children
    -Lady w/ rose painting
    -Old poem
28. Gifts Eaten
    -Disappearing Cookies (really!)
    -Dark chocolate w/ orange (from a daughter)
29. Gifts Small, Big Just Right
    -Detail on flower
    -Warmth under the blankets
30. Gifts I Gave Today
    -A smile
    -An email
    -A prayer 

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