Of Roses And Oregano

About four weeks ago I mosied over to the garden center with the intention of buying a new rose plant. You know, just a regular one, in some other color besides the light pink, medium pink, red and orange that I have. After several years of taking myriads of photos of these...well, I figured I was due for a new one. Now is that too much to ask? Besides, they only cost $2.45. Where in the world can you buy a rose plant for $2.45, I ask? I had to take advantage of this.

So I came home with a light pink (what...??) miniature rose and an, umm, oregano plant. No kidding. Besides being irrisistible, I liked the idea of getting two plants for less than what the one would cost. Can you believe it? I mean, I was thrilled at saving 57 cents! One just never knows what one will do when faced with difficult decisions.

Having explained all that, let me make an album of my two new plants for you.
                                                                     First day appearance...
                                     I think they like being together-the rose and the oregano.

 Look at this pink baby. Is it any wonder I couldn't resist?

                                               And she has a twin sister. Almost identical.
                         This Italian seasoning, oregano, is a very pretty green plant, in my opinion.

A few days later...I would never have imagined that there were so many petals inside these babies!
And look, there's baby sister!

     A few days ago I moved the oregano to my kitchen window and the mini's to the front yard.  I love how they look against the stone wall.

    As if this wasn't enough, their beauty was enhanced even more by the rain! Breath-taking.

Thank You, Lord, for the beauty of these plants and for the joy that they give me.
I am blessed by Your creation.
"...He has done all things well..." (Mark 7:37)

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