Expectant Mother

No, of course, I'm not talking about me, not even about any of our daughters. It's about a Sabiá (same genus as the American Robin), a bird who made a nest in a planter on an outside wall. The Sabiá is Brazil's national bird. Here she is about a month ago. I suppose she was trying to come up with her nest-building plans...
I kind of forgot about her but three weeks later I suddenly noticed the nest. She apparently thought there wasn't enough decoration there so she added a long, dry stick! Fortunately, the succulent plants there don't need much watering!
At this point, there were no eggs there yet. But in just a couple days I was rewarded with the sight of two perfectly beautiful ones, light blue with spots of brown.

It has been rather like seeing a new flower bloom...I can't stop taking pictures! "Sabbie" looks so cute and content there in her nest. And daddy helps, too, I discovered one day. I just don't know which is which. They take turns setting on the eggs. Never mind that the encyclopedea says that only the female does that!
A side view. Notice how she always keeps her eyes on me...

 At first, she would fly away when I got about 2 meters from the nest. Now she lets me get a little bit closer (although I take these pictures with zoom). I'm wondering, though, if she'll begin to attack me when the babies hatch. We shall see!

So it's been about 10 days since I first saw the eggs although I don't know exactly when they were laid. But since they are supposed to take 13 days to hatch, I should be seeing these new babies in not more than 3 days!

Ahh! God's creation is marvelous and truly deserves our admiration and praise.

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart;
I will tell of all Your marvelous works.
(Psalm 9:1)


  1. Oh Rena what a fun blog! I just loved the seeing the incredible pictures of her progress from scoping things out to building the nest, laying the eggs and caring for them. Glad you had the chance to record each of these moments.

    And to think that God is completely aware of these happenings and caring for her and her little family.
    Thanks for sharing - Christen