Every Rose is Different

Although pink is obviously my favorite color of rose, I do, of course, love any color! Every color and every kind of every color has their own personality. To casual observers they may all seem the same. I mean, "a rose is a rose...", right? Umm, yes and no. They're the same in the sense that all the children in one family are the same. They look alike, they act alike, sometimes they even smell alike! But the parents, i.e., the ones that know them from birth and care for them, know that each one is different in his own way, each one has a distinct personality. What a blessing and gift this is, that our God, Who created us, knows us as no one else could possibly know. Not only does He know our personalities, He MADE our personalities. No one knows the creature like the creator does. I could go further into this...but I'll save that for a later "pink rose".

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