The Perfect Pair

The gift I mentioned in the previous post has to do with the most important Person in my life but there are several others that God, in His love, has enriched my life with. The first ones to come along (of course!) were my parents. I could write a huge book just about them and the blessing that they were to me. I say "were" because they aren't with me anymore. Mom & Dad passed away 4 and 2 years ago, respectively. Their example, dedication, love and constancy are all reasons for holding them in a special corner of my heart and I am SO thankful for them. I think of them so often, there are just so many things that remind me of them. It's so wonderful to know that one day I will be reunited with them in heaven. Perhaps there I'll be able to give them adequate thanks, something which never seems possible here on earth, don't you think so? Mom and Dad, I love you!

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