Merry Christmas!

(click on above picture to enjoy it more!)
Well, this is the first week of winter here,
it's the 25th day of the month,
 the weather is getting colder, foggier and drearier (is that a word?),

which often makes my husband build a fire
in our fireplace...
AND the poinsettias (mine) are in full bloom!
This all makes me come to the conclusion
that this could be Christmas.
At least I can pretend it is.
And why not? Christ's birth is worth celebrating all year long!
Merry Christmas to all!
(I might even play some Christmas music
 and make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate...)


  1. It does look like Christmas! How can I possibly miss that cold Curitiba weather??? But I do :)

    Love your poinsettia. I eventually want a tree like you had before. It is amazing how beautiful they are.

    Hope you are keeping warm. Merry Christmas,