My Feathered Friends

I've been enjoying the birds that come to our back porch. And, yes, that's the seed with which I keep them supplied. Feeding God's creatures, that's my job. And pleasure. Here are a little pair of doves and of cardinals, birds which come now and then, although not near as often as the sparrows and juncos. But they all are a delight to see and I am honored to have them for my daily guests!

Now for Mr & Mrs Cardinal...

        I love the comical little masked face of the male. Makes me laugh just to see him!
These simple but beautiful creatures teach me much about their Creator. I'm sure that if they could speak my language they would tell me that it's SO very easy to trust God to care and provide for them!
"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee."
(Job 12:7)


  1. Oh, Mr. Cardinal is a fat little fellow! Enjoy those birds while you can!

  2. The doves and cardinals are lovely. I always enjoy seeing birds in our garden.

    If you enjoyed the butterfly in yesterday's post, you will enjoy last Sunday's post even more...