Back In Business

I was discouraged because of not being able to post pictures here. After trying everything I knew to do, including deleting "cookies", I decided to use the new blogger interface, whatever that means. I mean, I was happy with the old one, why did they have to change it? I'm a person that doesn't really like to get out of my comfort zone.
That said, the new one worked...although I sure don't see any improvement over the old one! In fact, it takes longer. Maybe just because it's new to me.
So. This is the photo I experimented with to try and get it to work so, hey, I think I'll just leave it here. The flower isn't perfect since it was beginning to get old but the color sure is rich and beautiful. And the butterfly...can any words describe the beauty of it?? Such an intricate design. And the blue...I think it would make a great stained-glass window!
O...k. I wanted to type below the photo but I don't know how. It'll take me awhile to learn all the details of this new way of posting.
Rejoice with me, for I have found my way back to you out here in cyberspace. Yay.

1 comment:

  1. Your photo loaded just fine, that's a huge and beautiful butterfly!
    I guess over time you'll work out the adjustments.