My Olympians

I love watching the Olympics, whether the summer or winter ones. The amazing things that the human body can do is certainly something to be admired and we should all recognize our Creator's power in that. During theses days of the 2012 London Olympics I was wondering what I could post here that would be related to that and so decided to post pictures of my own "future Olympians" (mostly grands). *smile*

         High-jumper Blake. Or is this trampoline? Gymnastics? Fancy skateboarding, anyone?
                                                             Trampoline gymnastics. Go, Nat!
                                       (Tri)cycling. I think Ju will try anything...like her mom.
                                             More gymnastics, apparently. Bianca never stops.
              Just...jumping here (watch this, Granna!), but Gabe likes any activity that lets him MOVE!

                                                     Scootering. Brenham is a brave one!

                                  Basketball. Oh wait, that's soccer! Matheson goes for it all.
                       Maybe...weightlifting? For sure, Jude will be healthy enough to try anything!

                                                            High jump. Go, Miqueias!
Truth be told, as much as I love to see my kids and grands physically active, I'd much rather see them spiritually active. Oh, that we ALL would put as much effort into our spiritual lives as we put into our physical lives.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things
 and be in health,
 just as your soul prospers.
(III John 1:2)


  1. Such fun to see how big all the grands are getting!! Fun blog!!

  2. That is the funnest post ever (funnest, not funniest). hehe.

  3. Lovely to see you grandchildren. I also agree with your heart priorities..