Bits Of August

I feel VERY behind with my posts here, like a large part of my life has gone by and I have little or nothing by which to remember it. I have decided to post some photos which kind of represent some of  our August activities.
Not sure how I'm going to decide that, I guess it'll just happen as I go along. Is that too laid-back?...you organized people, you? *smile* And they won't necessarily be in the order that they happened but, rather, in the order that I find them in my photo library here on the computer.

Do you like the pretty couch-by-the-window in the picture above? I just love the little pastel-colored cushions on it.This was in a house where my husband was tuning a lady's piano. I just wanted to keep going around in the house taking pictures but decided that would not be a recommendable thing to do.

On that same day, the lady took us to a lovely little restaurant nearby and again I wanted to click, click, click with my camera. Here's a picture of the outside and then another on the inside, the fresh flowers on our table. Usually it's only when someone pays our way that we have the privilege of eating in such a lovely little place. S
o I considered it a very special blessing from my Friend that day.                                                                                    

On to other places...like the picture on your left.

I know, right? Where was I, you may ask. On one Sunday after the evening service of one of the many churches we've visited over the past 8 months, there was a special "social" for the pastor's wife's birthday. Wow, it looked like a wedding reception! So much good finger food to eat...plus the cake.

Would you believe I did not eat any cake? Ha, I was much more attracted to the other little goodies.

We also enjoyed some great fellowship that evening, getting to chat with some old Bible college buddies. The Lord is good to give us this blessing, such an encouragement during not-so-perfect days.

Not every place, however, is full of comfy pillows, fine dining and iced cupcakes. One day found us visiting a brother-in-law in the hospital who was recovering from a near-death experience. We rejoice to say that he is now doing much better.   As much as we don't like to go to hospitals-whether to visit or to stay there ourselves-I for one certainly thank the Lord for the great care one receives there and for the great medical advances that abound. Imagine even as little as 50 years ago...!

A few weeks ago I began giving piano lessons to a granddaughter. However, we haven't been able to do more than two...between our traveling and their traveling! We'll have to see about continuing this next week. Can't let such excitement about learning die down!

 Last week I bought some lovely, blue silk flowers to place on my parents' grave. Hard to believe they have been gone for more than five years. I am looking forward to the day when I'll see them again!
My husband and I spent four days helping his sister with her garage sale. Although it was sometimes hard work, I really enjoyed this. It was a coolish, foggy morning on the first day. Fun! And may I say it was also a great success. The Lord surely blessed.
Aren't these dolls adorable? I heard them asking to have their picture made so I
happily obliged. I mean, I've never taken a photo of a benchful of dolls. How could
I pass up this chance?
Although there are other pictures I could choose from, I'll let this be my last for now.
This week we began to baby-sit one of our grandsons again-now that school
is back in session and this service is needed sometimes once again. Did I say service?
I consider it a privilege to do this. Besides, he's a pretty good boy. 
Here, he had just pulled a towel off his head under which he was hiding. He said he was
a monster but he's too cute to be that!

"Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart,
  for consider how great things He hath done for you."
                 (I Samuel 12:24)


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