Queen Anne and Her Maidens

Summer officially left us two weeks ago but that doesn't deter me from posting about some summer flowers. I mean, how can I let all my lovely photos go to waste?!

Summer flowers have a beauty that is uniquely theirs, so fresh, light, delicate and, well...summery! And WILD summer flowers are even moreso, in my opinion.

One of the large fields of Queen Anne's Lace.
In July we were at a camp in Virginia. I was impressed with field after field of Queen Anne's Lace. That's right, not just a plant here and there or a small patch but large fields of it! It was amazing, I'd never seen so many at once and I was totally captivated by the utterly delicate loveliness of their white laciness (Wow, did that just come from my fingers??). I was further captivated by the many maidens which surrounded her, seemingly tending to her every whim, bowing and curtsying in the wind. I felt like I was in a storybook flowerland...

*Sigh*. Happily, I have myriads of photos to remember the experience. Please enjoy some of them with me!

Queen Anne herself!
One of my favorites. This butterfly has good taste, don't you think? I do believe she was using the Queen for her
helicopter pad!
Not a daisy but maybe a cousin. It's a larger version of one that's called "Forever Summer".
Black-Eyed Susan. Uh-oh, I see some little purple flowers which I failed to take a picture of...
This summer I learned the name of this lovely blue flower: Chicory.
 The roots can be baked, ground and used as a coffee substitute!
Wild Sweet Pea. That grasshopper has good taste, too!
Looks like Pink Clover but I think it may be something else.
Don't know the name of this cute little weed either but I think it resembles an orchid! It might be the wild version of
Lady's Slipper. Yes, that'll work until I hear otherwise from someone more knowledgeable of botany than I am.
Another unknown by me but, oh, so lovely. Apparently Miss Ant thinks so, too!
The color combination of Queen Anne and her maidens was beyond beautiful,
 I just couldn't get my fill of taking pictures. Does it look like it might be a piece of heaven there? It was.
The place, scenery, colors, weather...head-shakingly perfect.

His creation always turns my heart and mind towards Him. Thank You, Lord, for the loud message of Your
wonderful works of creation!

"As for man, his days are as grass;
As a flower of the field, so he flourish."
(Psalm 103:15)

"The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry?
 All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field."
(Isaiah 40:6)


  1. Thank you Rena for sharing,later in the year it will be nice to see again the flowers of summer.

  2. You have captured some beautiful flowers and insects here Rena, such delicate and colourful combinations.

    You asked after the seedling in my recent post - the label says Rainbow Silverbeet which I believe is another name for Swiss Chard. The stems of the various plants vary, some pale green, some yellow, others pink and some red. It's quite pretty as well as being nutritious. Like you I also like close-ups of veggies.