A Picturesque Country Church

My husband and I went a few days ago to a church we'd never been to before, only an hour away. It was such a charming place, not only the picturesque church which was at least 100 years old, but also the surrounding countryside. Not to mention the pastor and his little flock!...so friendly and warm.

My camera was immediately begging to be put to work, so I happily obliged. I hope you enjoy these photos (in no set order) as much as I do.

A little closer look at the three crosses.

I just kept taking pictures from every angle, it looked so lovely any way!



I will end with my favorite one below. Perfect.
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord."
(Psalm 122:1)

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  1. A very beautiful church in a very picturesque location. No wonder you used your camera!