New Blog Title & A Bouquet Of Roses

I guess I don't need to announce it but I am. I wouldn't want you to think you were on the wrong blog and go elsewhere! Today I am officially changing the title of my blog to Rena's Pink Roses. Since Ana started out being an anonymous name...well, I'm not really anonymous anymore. Everyone who knows me knows who Rena is! I know, it'll take awhile for you to get used to it, it will for me, too. But for one or two reasons, I thought it best to change it. My DH protested but, after all, this is my blog and, well, he really does let me do what I want with my things. What a guy!

That said, I'll make you happy with this photo of the dozen red roses that my DH gave me today (oops, yesterday!) for Valentine's Day. Didn't I just say, what a guy?! He's the best.


  1. A dozen red roses, how wonderful. Your change of blog title will help avoid confusion, I know it took me awhile to work it all out - Rena, Ana and then another name again on emails. It's still the same lovely you behind it all.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful bouquet! And I like the blog title change. Sharon