An Album of Beauty Spots

If it wasn't for seeing spots of beauty in my day, some days would be a bit depressing. That's what being down physically does for one! I've had a cold and cough that is going away so gradually it's barely noticeable by me, much less by others. Anyway, here are a few beauty spots in my life that the Lord has sent my way these days, not in any particular order...
Waterdrops that look like ice.
A spotlight of late afternoon sun on a rockingchair.

Oh robin, sweet robin...

A "bally" cardinal on a cold but sunny morning.

Not in focus but I love the look on a granddaughter's face as she looks at her dad.

My new pot of pansies. More about those later!

My new bird feeder and its first visitor, the lowly sparrow.

Golden sun shining through raindrops on the window.

A North Carolina sunset.

A North Carolina sunrise.

Stained glass church windows on a Sunday morning.

Bird on a roof...with little white "floaties" in the air, outlined by the sunshine.

Leftover Christmas poinsettias that a church gave us.

A sunflare that my camera caught as my husband drove out on a cold, sunny, Sunday morning. I had to stay home because of
my cold but this picture brightened my day!

 "...to give unto them beauty for ashes,
 the oil of joy for mourning,
 the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness..."
(Isaiah 61:3


  1. Lovely. Just lovely. =)

  2. Some lovely beauty photos here. Focusing on beauty is always uplifting for me. Love your poinsettia, it looks so healthy.