Flowers In My Neighborhood (May)

Let's see how many new varieties showed up around here in May! I'm know there were many more than just these, but here are the ones I had opportunity to photograph...
Roses from my Mother's Day gift. Perfect.

I had to include these lovely sunlit Pansies seen in front of a church.

Mexican Heather (cuphea hyssopifolia). Reminds me of a little bonsai.
is and the next one are my most recent plants which I bought.

Ornamental Pepper (Black Pearl)


I had to include some blackberry blossoms which were profusely seen in this area throughout the month of May.
 I hope it means that we'll be seeing some blackberry pie in the near future!

These cuties from the neighbor were given to our granddaughter and made such a lovely little bouquet.
Petunias. My lovely petunias in their hanging basket, it brings me joy every day!

Gardenia. Can you smell it?

Miniature Rose


These look like they might be a cousin to Queen Anne's Lace, don't they?! Sorry, I don't know their name.


Torenia, sometimes called the Wishbone Flower.


Impatiens-just before I planted them.

What beauties will I see and photograph in the month of June?? 
Come and see the works of God, Who is awesome in His deeds toward the sons of men. (Psalm 66:5)

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