Take My Picture, Please!

As I said in a previous post, every rose is different. But, interestingly, whenever a new one blooms I want to take pictures of it-even if I have 40-11 pictures of an (almost) identical one from the same bush! Now doesn't that sound just like a mom?? She admires, croons and swoons over each child, thinking it's just the most beautiful one in the world at the moment, worthy of dozens of pictures taken from every possible angle, even though she thought the same thing, umm....3 years ago? Or, as in the case of roses, perhaps just 1 week ago! Ah yes, mothers are like that, they try to capture the moments escaping from their hands, showing, sending and posting these pictures for all who care-or don't care-to see them. And she doesn't care if they don't care...she's oblivious to all of that, only knowing that she loves and admires each little rose as it blooms.

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