Rain is certainly a good thing-a perfect gift from Him. He created it to meet some of our most basic of needs and also that of the earth. It refreshes, nourishes, cleans...who can complain about that?! It even makes music-beautiful music! Have you ever paid attention to that music? There's a poem which is entitled "The Music of the Rain", from which come these lines: "...It seems a mighty symphony at times, when down it pours, As it splashes and it crashes as the oceans on their shores. The trumpets, drums and cymbals of the rain together play To make loud, harmonious music and a lovely melody. Then enter the sweet instruments of flute and harp and strings, As the raindrops sprinkle, then they tinkle like the birds that sing...." There is a lovely little phrase that comes from a certain song. It says "into each life some rain must fall". We can't say that it's Scripture, but we can certainly say that it's true. No life, no marriage, no family, no generation can escape the rain that will inevitably fall. But remember that rain is a good thing. Admittidly, at times we think there is an overabundance as we look at the destruction and pain and (what we think is) permanent damage. But whether our rain is literal or symbolic, the truth applies that God is in control. He will not allow more than we can handle. The umbrella of His love and care will be over us at all times, protecting us from the elements..."til the storm passes by".

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