Moonrise, Sunset

(photo: L.Robbins)
For the third month in a row I haven't had my camera with me at that hour when the full moon is rising and the sun is setting. I usually seem to find myself away from home. Tonight I looked in the direction of the sunset when I was driving down the street and noticed that it was more colorful than usual (of course!). When I got home I saw that the moon was already quite high in the sky. I know my camera doesn't take good night pictures, but...I took some anyway to at least say that I'd tried! I won't post any of them but, rather, this one that a daughter took recently, even though it's not a full one like I saw tonight. Last month I was walking home at that evening hour when I looked up the hill in front of me and saw that huge gorgeous full moon. Then I looked down the hill behind me and saw the glorious sunset. I couldn't decide which was more beautiful and I just kept looking back and forth...and wishing I had my camera, but also knowing that it wouldn't come close to capturing the beauty of those two scenes that surrounded me and captured my total attention. The cycles of the sun and moon are a frequent reminder to me of God's constant, always dependable, faithfulness and love!
  "Praise ye Him, sun and moon..." (Ps 148:2) "They shall fear Thee as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations." (Ps 72:5)

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