New Hobby. New Gift.

As little as seven months ago I never thought that one day I would be into the world of blogging and also creating a website but...here I am! Although it has given me some frustrating moments as I learn my way around (since I am self-taught) it has also given me many hours of enjoyment and many moments of joy. I consider it as being a gift from Him for I believe that He delights in bringing us delight! I find it interesting how some of my hobbies and other things that I enjoy doing have changed during the years. I don't think this is by "chance", as some like to call it, but rather it is the Lord's plan...to give us variety in the things we do and even the ministries in which He has called us to serve. "Variety is the spice of life" would seem to hold true in these our lives that the Lord has planned and knows from beginning to end. All that...because of a simple computer. :)


  1. Rena...

    Thank you for visiting my blog my friend. I just had to return the visit to see what you are all about.

    Obviously, you to have a heart for the LORD! I love that.

    The song about the birdies on my blog today IS a song from my childhood. Sadly, little melodies such as this are rarely sung anymore...I loved this one when I was little and love it still today.

    Blessings to you as you Seek Him in all things. And blessings on your talented hands. Indeed He directs us...

    Love, Rebecca

  2. Mom, you are talented to teach yourself these things and that you're not afraid to try new hobbies. Maybe someday I will be a blogger like you. Sometimes I feel like Dad...just checking emails is almost all I do on the computer. =) But thankyou for posting little tidbits of things to think about. I love it!
    Love, jonna