God's Protection

I was in a grocery store yesterday and noticed that there were 2 armed guards, one in the doorway and the other only a couple yards away from me by the cash register. I had the passing thought that the store may have recently had some problems with robberies so they had upped the security. Then as I was leaving the store I saw the yellow armored car and understood why the guards were there. Almost immediately I had this thought that blessed my soul (to the point of getting teary-eyed), the thought that God guards me like that...and much better, of course! And, yes, I was imagining that my guardian angels were nearby with their guns cocked, ready to protect me at all costs. The incident above happened just a few hours before we experienced the Lord's protection in a very clear way. A gas leak showed up in our car and we realized that the Lord, for 4 days, had been preventing the car from blowing up ! Yes, I do believe our guardian angels had to work double-duty during those days. And all my hubby had to do was tighten a screw on a hose clamp. The Lord's protection...a gift? You bet it is!


  1. Wow, Mom! That's very scary about your car! And that's an image I've never had about angels, standing guard with their guns cocked, but I like it! Probably if we knew all the times God has protected us, we'd die of a heart attack. :)

  2. Mom, I'm very glad to hear that nothing bad happened with the car...or to you and Dad.