A Rose That Never Fades

Mother's Day conveniently falls between the birthday and deathday (if I may call it that) of my dear mother, so I can celebrate her memory in a special way today. Not that I don't celebrate that on other days. Hardly a day goes by but that something doesn't remind me of her. OH yes, me, myself, and I remind me of her! Little gestures that I make, the way I cough, some things I say...I'm happy to say that I see some of my own mother in me. It's definitely a compliment if someone says "you look and act like your mother" for I admire her for many different things. So on this day, almost 5 years since I said good-by to her, I would like to say that I am SO very thankful for my lovely mother whom I was privileged to know and have for an example. She was beautiful without and within. She was quiet but she was strong...you know, one of those people with that "quiet strength". Her love for Christ, her husband, her kids, grands and greats was so obvious. Momma...Do you remember that hymn I sang to you a day or so before you left us..."Where the roses never fade"? I remember those moments quite often, glad that I had the opportunity to do that for you. You have gone to that lovliest of places, I am so glad that you are enjoying that. But I just want to tell you that YOU are my rose that never fades. I miss you and will always love you and hold you in my heart.

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