So. Everything isn't always hunky-dory, a bed of roses, fine and dandy, just the way you want it to be. Sometimes it's miserable, thorny, terrible-no good-awful, nothing going the way you want it to. No, I'm not having a bad day or anything. I have little or no complaints on this fine day. There's even a little bit of sunshine outside now and then! But I read some thoughts about suffering recently in my devotional time that impressed me and I'd like to share them with you... In the darkness of suffering, beauty can bloom. "Through affliction He teaches us many precious lessons that otherwise we would never learn. By affliction he shows us our emptiness and weakness, draws us to the throne of grace, purifies our affections, weans us from the world, and makes us long for heaven." (J. C. Ryle) "To us (suffering) appears completely senseless and irrational, but to God none of it is either senseless or irrational. He has a purpose in every pain He brings or allows in our lives. We can be sure that in some way He intends it for our profit and His glory." (J. Bridges) So, can suffering be a perfect gift from God? You bet it can! And in the lives of His children, all suffering is a gift. Some suffering is the result of our own beliefs, lifestyles, actions and attitudes that are wrong (anti-Biblical). In that case, suffering becomes a warning-a wake-up call, if you please. This suffering only becomes a gift if the warnings are heeded and acted upon. In the darkness of suffering, beauty can bloom.

  "For even hereunto were ye called; because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps. (I Peter 2:21)

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    I love love love your rose photos. How can one flower be so utterly beautiful, smell so divine, and evoke such feelings within a heart? Your photos are so lovely---it makes me want to plant more of my own.

    Be blessed today, my friend. And do stop by again.

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